The roots of Vancouver Mediterranean Specialty Foods go back to the 1970’s. The business was started to offer ethnic foods from Mediterranean countries to expats, when such foods were not as common as they are today.

In its 4th and current location, Vancouver Mediterranean Specialty Foods offers food from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and North African countries. Vancouver Mediterranean Specialty Foods is a true supplier of Mediterranean foods, which includes but is not limited to Cheeses, Olives, Olive Oils, Canned Goods, Packaged Goods, Soft Drinks, Baked Goods, Frozen Foods, Sucuk (Sudjuk), Pastirma (Basturma), Anchovies, Candies, Metzhes/Salads, Teas, Coffees and other similar foods. Other items offered in the store include cooking utensils, decorative items such as Evil Eyes, ethnic cooking spices and the popular, South American Yerba Mate and its related utensils. In fact, the selection of Yerba Mate offered in store is unmatched in the Lower Mainland.

The mission of Vancouver Mediterranean Specialty Foods is to stock items for customers, when they are unable to find them anywhere else. The philosophy of the business is not only governed by profits, but also dictated by our customer’s desires. We strive to ensure Vancouver Mediterranean Specialty Foods is a place where customers can feel at home, shopping for items from their home countries.

We, the immigrants, have made our home in Canada and we are proud Canadians. Canada’s equal treatment of all its citizens and acceptance of their cultures, makes everyone welcome in this diverse country, just as you are welcome in the store.

When you miss your native country, please come and visit us in Vancouver Mediterranean Specialty Foods to have a little taste of home.