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Ugurlu Floss Halva with Pistachio and Cacao
Ugurlu Floss Halva with Pistachio
Koska halva, pistachio, 500g
Koska halva, cocoa, 500g
koska halva, plain, 500g
Koska halva for diabetics, pistachio, 350g
Koska Halva with Double Pistachio
Koska Halva with Cocoa & Double Pistachio
Kurek Helva
Al Dayaa Halva w/Pistachio 400 g
Koska Cekme Helva 280 Gr
Cekme Helva w. pistachio, 280g
Handmade Halva with Chocolate 400g
Handmade Halva with Pistachio 400g
Handmade Halva with Vanilla 400g
Handmade Halva with Almonds 400g
Krinos Halva with Almond 250g
Krinos Halva Pistachios 250g
Krinos Halva, Vanilla, 250g
krinos cocoa halva, 250g
Koska carob hazelnut halva, 200g